Our Social Media Investigations supply critical information on a person of interest. Each scan that we conduct includes images, photos, online conversations and connections. We deliver the finished product to you within 48 hours in an easy and understandable report. View our services page for more information. 

You are in the process of interviewing candidates for a position and you have narrowed it down to your top 3. Typically you conduct background checks by calling references and verifying previous employment.

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Our Social Media Specialists are trained on multiple software platforms to search, analyze, capture and report. Many times the social network user name is not the same as the individual's name. Knowing where to look and how to cross reference social media information is critical for fitting the puzzle pieces together for each investigation. 

Do criminals want social media likes so badly that they will incriminate themselves? Apparently so. Last week a cocaine dealer’s student girlfriend helped police bust a major drug ring by bragging about her luxury lifestyle on Instagram...

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Surface Web. Deep Web. Dark Web.

What's the difference and why does it matter? 

As more and more false alarms are popping up regarding school shootings and bomb threats, the FBI gets proactive in its defense of such action. Anyone thinking of pulling one of these hoaxes ought to think twice before doing so...

The Surface Web accounts for about 4% of searchable information. "Okay Google, please find Jane Doe from NY for me please." This search is a great example of someone finding surface information on an individual. Sure, you may find Jane Doe's Facebook page, or see that she has an Instagram account and you may be able to pull up images of Jane. But what about those accounts that don't look like they belong to Jane but are actually linked to her? What about those legal documents or reports that don't necessarily surface with your search?

Medical Records, Legal Documents, Scientific Reports, Multiple Social Media Profiles, Academic Information, Subscription Information, Competitor Websites, Financial Records, Government Resources and Organization-Specific Responsibilities are just a few items that we include in our social media report. This is called the Deep Web and it accounts for nearly 90% of all pertinent data.  

Anything beyond the Deep Web is considered the Dark Web. The Dark Web is only accessible through specific browsers and accounts for about 6% of individual investigations. Deep Web technologies have no involvement with the Dark Web. This can include Drug Trafficking, Private Communications, Political Protests, Illegal Information and TOR Encrypted sites. 

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When posting to any social media platform, it might help to think of all of it as potentially public. Remember that anyone can take a screenshot or copy and pass on your post without your knowledge.   Is there anything you can’t find online? Apparently not...

Countless hours spent investigating a person of interest through Google searches is a waste of time. Only relying on keyword or hashtag monitoring means you are missing about two thirds of social media activity. Whether you are a PI, Detective, School Officer, Human Resource Administrator or Attorney of Law, eChatter can help with your social media investigative needs in half the time you spend searching. 

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More and more schools are now hiring online security companies to scan social media for threats…


A staggering 1 in 5 Americans reports being sexually harassed at work and 75% of those who report their abuser experienced retaliation for speaking up. Thanks to social media and the #MeToo movement...