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digital footprint discovery 

We assign you a specialist who will work with you to obtain your investigative specifications. Our specialists are highly trained and passionate. Knowledgable in conducting social media investigations, they stay on top of identifying false positives, sifting through information and obtaining ethical, factual information on your behalf.

Each investigation is unique and we work diligently to meet your objectives. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, social media listening and deep web scans all have one thing in common - they are not 100% accurate. It takes further digging and cross referencing with items and content you know are 100% accurate. 


multiple software platforms 

Because no one software platform can do everything, we use multiple. We have found this to be the best way to perform thorough social media and deep web investigations for our clients. Need Metadata for an upcoming trial or case? We can provide this to you upon request.  

Includes all curate results, social media sites only. Report only contains links to each social site discovered. 


With each report we conduct on your behalf we know that we are representing your company. Our results are precise, meticulous and analyzed by your assigned specialist to assure the information we present you is accurate. We deliver you with a clean, user friendly report that you can rely on. 

"You guys are great. Fast and reliable. You are my eyes to the social media world that I cannot keep up with."  

-Detective from Ohio  

social media analyst 

Deep Web Search 

24-48 hour turnaround time. 

Have a rush report request? Let us know your time frame and we will expedite the report upon request. 

Includes all relevant social and online content. Report includes photo screenshots, statements, records, articles, blogs, etc. All curated content for each result found. Through multiple software platforms and your assigned specialist, we are digging and analyzing information that matches your exact requirements. 



Simple Scan 

what we offer Goes FAr Beyond Just a report...  

Forming a relationship with you and executing your requirements is our top priority. We work with you, establishing a partnership to carry out your exact needs. 

Customer Service 

Services & Pricing 

"eChatter, thank you for working so diligently to screen individuals for our upcoming trial. Your execution was flawless." -Attorney from Georgia