Human Resources

Finding and hiring dependable employees can be exhausting. We simplify this process by providing you with a thorough, third party, background check on potential hires.     

Our Vision 

We strive to uncover your objectives. A solid social media strategy is instilled in all of our specialists to locate and find the most accurate information available online. 

School Officers 

When a school threat is present, finding a solution and assessing the situation is imminent. The majority of school threats and bullying is now done virtually. A thorough report that uncovers the facts to details surrounding a threat is taken seriously, done with precision and can be executed in real time (depending on the threat assessment level.) 

General Background Check 

Are you interviewing for your first job? Curious about your online presence? How are you viewed online? Take advantage of our introductory pricing and have one of our social media specialists sift through your online reputation. 

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PI's & Detectives 

Searching for a person of interest manually could take a full day, especially if they have a more common name, not a lot of information, several accounts or a heavy online presence. Our specialists paired with our software platforms allow you to maximize your time and investigation. Uncovering the facts is what we do best. 


Social Media affects all phases of litigation. It's our job to locate relevant and accurate data on your behalf. 

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