school safety & digital protection 

Forming a relationship with you and executing your requirements is our top priority. We work with you, establishing a partnership to carry out your exact needs. ​

The online safety and privacy of students and staff is something we take seriously. By trusting a third party source you are able to remain neutral.  

After discussing in detail your safety strategy we work with you to conform our expertise with your objectives. Creating a virtual fence around your school district allows us to send you real time alerts on school threats, self harm incidents or any other posts that you feel is worthy of further investigation. 

In the digital age we live in, what more can we do to keep our students safe? Maintaining a healthy, positive school environment is a massive job. Have peace of mind knowing you did everything in your power to protect it. 

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how it works 

why eChatter? 

When you evaluate your current school safety plan, what new approaches are available?  Many schools implement the use of outside resources that are dedicated to specific investigative disciplines. 

eChatter provides your school with an extra layer of protection relative to multiple types of threats. Our trained specialists use proven techniques and multiple software platforms to uncover potential threats identified within the surface web, deep web, dark web and social media group sites.

Contact us for additional information on how we can economically partner with you to support a safe school environment. 

While there is possibly no criminal liability, comprehensive monitoring could put your school at risk for difficulties. Bringing in a third party eliminates the strain for potential legal responsibility. 

By allowing us to monitor online information, your staff and students are protected. We identify false positives for you, meet your safety and security requirements and provide timely alerts to you for any threat.


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