Includes curated results, social media sites only. Report only contains links to each social site discovered. 


Private Investigators & Detectives 

  • We maximize your time and investigation. What would normally would take you hours to complete is pulled up instantly with our software platforms. 

  • ​Our specialists are your eyes and ears to any false positives or misinformation. Anything inaccurate is weeded out. ​    

Includes only URL's to all uncurated results based on information provided. 


Why eChatter? 

  • Our social media report is user friendly and easy to understand. Pictures, links and discovered information is compiled into one actionable report. 

  • Your time is valuable! Don't spend seven hours looking for information online when we can do it for you with a 48 hour turnaround.

Our Scans 

What is your time worth? 

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, social media listening and deep web scans all have one thing in common - they are not 100% accurate. There will always be false positives that a skilled person will have to weed out. 

What is a false positive? In our social media process, we see them all the time. It is when we collect posts within a scan that have nothing to do with the person of interest, yet the two share a common trait or common data in some way.  It takes further digging and cross referencing with items and content you know are 100% accurate. This is one of the first steps in our process when we conduct a deep web scan. 

Because no one software platform can do everything, we use multiple.
We have found this to be the best way to perform thorough scans for our clients.

By ordering a deep web scan from us, you can be sure you have hired the right team to gather information about your investigation. There are literally hundreds of open source sites out there to weed through. We save you hours of time.

Deep Web 

Includes all relevant social and online content. Report includes links and curated content for each result found.