Social recruiting is now a "thing" when it comes to hiring candidates – 3 in 10 employers have someone dedicated to solely getting the scoop on your online persona.


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Our Process 

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"Many of our clients believe that identifying their digital footprint will only date back a couple of years. They're mistaken. We can identify information on an individual up to 7 years prior. If we are able to pull up this information so are employers. Stay on top of your online reputation. Our experts do the work for you so that your online reputation is sleek and polished."

-Kathy Doering, President at eChatter 

Our specialists are highly trained and passionate. Knowledgable in conducting social media analysis, they stay on top of identifying false positives, sifting through information and obtaining factual information you need to check and identify your online reputation. 

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your online reputation matters... 


multiple software platforms 

Because no one software platform can do everything, we use multiple platforms. This allows us to sift through the information accordingly. Dating back from one year to seven years. 

digital footprint discovery 

With each report conducted on your behalf we know that we are representing you. Our results are precise and meticulously analyzed by our specialists to ensure the information we present you is lawful and accurate. We deliver you with a sleek, user friendly report that you can stand firm upon. 

We all live in a digital world with literally billions of data points spreading across the internet every minute of every day- 24.7 and it never stops. 

Where do you stand in all of this? How do you look online? Is the information accurate and up to date? Does it represent you correctly? Your own unique digital footprint is something to monitor and continually improve upon.

We can help!

  • Is someone impersonating you online? We will find it.
  • Are you a college student preparing for interviews? Let us polish up your social media and online reputation before a new employer begins an online search.
  • Know nothing about social media but know you need to have an online presence? We will work with you in the same way a Resume Firm would, sharing our expertise from a Certified Social Media Strategist to create and monitor your online presence. 
  • Concerned about cyber bullying or your teenager's well being? We're parents too. We'll work with you and your concerns to dig deep to identify cyber threats. 

YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat are the most popular online platforms among teens. Fully 95% of teens have access to a smartphone, and 45% say they are online 'almost constantly'