​Includes all relevant social and online content. Social Media Investigations include links and curated content for each result found. 

Includes only URL's to all uncurated results based on information provided. 

Deep Web 


92% of teenagers (13-17) report going online daily. 

More than half go online several times a day. 

24% are online "constantly". 

Why eChatter? 

Relying on Google searches, keyword or hashtag monitoring means you may be missing up to two thirds of social media activity.

Our social media specialists are trained to process all information provided to them while utilizing our multiple software platforms. All data is cross referenced to provide a comprehensive, understandable and actionable report. Once your report is complete, we will email it to you directly. 

Billions of online data is compiled into a readable report, which includes but is not limited to: 

  • Social Media Network 
  • Pictures 
  • Blogs 
  • Online Review 
  • Social Media Follows and Likes 
  • Social Media Friends


Threat Assessment Resource 

 Includes curated results, social media sites only. Report only contains links to each social site discovered. 

School Officers


25% of teens have experienced a face-to-face argument or confrontation as a result of posts on Facebook. 

8% were involved in a physical fight with someone because of something posted on a social network site. 

Our Scans 

Let's Talk Facts 

  • Utilization of the latest software platforms to ensure accurate and reliable data. ​

  • From attachments scattered across numerous networks, to quickly locating crucial data, our platforms can locate any data required.

  • Archival capabilities-the software can glean online information dating back up to three years, even if it is from an account that has since been deleted. 

  • Work with our skilled specialists. Let us take the guess work out of it for you and be your eyes and ears.​

  • Track online conversations surrounding a particular topic. 

  • Our platforms can track online conversations for individuals.