social media screening & Hiring 

Multiple Software Platforms 


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Because no one software platform can do everything, we use multiple. This allows us to sift through the information accordingly.  

Forming a relationship with you and executing your requirements is our top priority. We work with you, establishing a partnership to carry out your exact needs. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, we align ourselves to your objectives. 

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With each report we conduct on your behalf we know that we are representing your company. Our results are precise and meticulously analyzed by our specialists to ensure the information we present you is lawful and accurate. We deliver you with a sleek, user friendly report that you can stand firm upon. 

Customer Service 

Social media analysts 

A social media specialist is assigned to your account who is FCRA compliant. Obtaining information on potential hires that is ethical and compliant is critical.

Our specialists are highly trained and passionate. Knowledgable in conducting social media analysis, they stay on top of identifying false positives, sifting through information and obtaining factual information you need.