• A thorough scan of the internet to identify social sites potentially tied to you. 

  • A comprehensive report, delivered to your inbox with a 48 hour turnaround. 

  • Our social media specialists are trained to weed out false positives.


  • From attachments scattered across numerous networks, to quickly locating crucial data, our platforms can locate any data required. positives and instill accurate data. 

  • Utilization of the latest software platforms to ensure accurate and reliable data. ​

  • eChatter works with you to obtain your objectives in a fast, accurate and reliable facet. 

Whether you are a college student or recent graduate, having a professional social media presence before a potential hire will benefit your long term career. Let us help you assess your online presence and create a polished digital footprint for you. Start your background check with us today!

For more information on this service, please email Kathy Doering. kdoering@e-chatter.net for further review and pricing. 

What's Your Online Reputation Worth? 

Your Digital Footprint

Why eChatter? 

Individual Background Checks 

Discovering your online reputation is essential nowadays. What does your online reputation really look like? Our social media platforms have the capability of pulling up information from three years prior.

Before you interview for your first job or a new career, looking into your online presence should be the first thing you do. If you are active on social media sites or just curious about your online activity, this scan is perfect for you.