• Archival capabilities-the software can glean online information dating back up to three years, even if it is from an account that has since been deleted. 

  • Work with our skilled specialists. Let us take the guess work out of it for you and be your eyes and ears.

  • Track online conversations surrounding a particular topic. 

  • Our platforms can track online conversations for individuals. 

Our Scans 

Deep Web 


While vetting potential jurors in the courtroom, simply send names to us via email or SMM and we will vet and email back finished report in real time.



Attorney representing a high-profile individual hired eChatter to conduct hundreds of scans in a two-day window and used our On-Demand SI while in the courtroom to be certain the right juror was selected. During this search, we found people who were drug users, had criminal backgrounds, conveyed strong political affiliations and much more. Social media is a place where people feel comfortable sharing for the most part. That is why it can be a very useful tool. It uncovers things that traditional background checks won’t.

On Demand Social Investigations: 


Includes only URL's to all uncurated results based on information provided. 

Consider how your law firm is currently conducting online research... Do you hire interns to skim through Google Searches or other online search engines? 

Do you rely on Google Alerts to help you prepare for an upcoming trial? The preferred method prior to social media was hiring a Private Investigator. That's costly. Attorneys, hand over your social media investigations to us.

During a trial or case, an online search conducted manually could take you up to seven hours to complete. If you're lucky enough to find valuable information, piecing it together and making sense of it all can be challenging.

Obtaining the most accurate information available is essential to your case.

Time. Money. Accuracy. Your time is worthwhile and too important to waste on a manual search, your money is too valuable to put towards hiring a Private Investigator. Accuracy is vital to any case don't waste your time on guessing and false positives.

  • Trial preparation, witness identification, jury selection, or jury misconduct monitoring, social media can be the best assistant out there. ​

  • Utilization of the latest software platforms to ensure accurate and reliable data. 

  • From attachments scattered across numerous networks, to quickly locating crucial data, our platforms can locate any data required. 

​​Includes all relevant social and online content. Report includes links and curated content for each result found. 

What is your time, money and case accuracy worth?  


 Includes curated results, social media sites only. Report only contains links to each social site discovered. 

Why eChatter? 

Case Study: