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Think about the last time you put together a puzzle.

Let's say you completed the entire border of the puzzle and now have the hefty job of filling in the middle. It takes time, effort, detail and precision to complete the entire puzzle. 

At eChatter, we fill in the middle of a very detailed puzzle for you. All you have to do is fill in the border for us, or, provide us with the the information of a person you are wanting us to search for. 

We do the work for you!  

We do the work for you! Send in your inquiry by calling us or filling out our online form. Once we receive your requirements we will begin our OSINT search. We partner with you! Forming a relationship with and coming alongside you for your investigation is our highest priority. The more specific you are the better we can assist. A specialist is assigned to your case and works on your designated scan from start to finish. They sift, dig and identify false positives, ensuring that we are giving you the most accurate of results. We use the human touch and software platforms to pull all the information available online. 

We are not a software platform. We offer you a service. 

We aspire for you to walk away from our company saying, "Wow, they delivered a quality report, in a timely manner, with excellent customer service." Coming alongside you to assist your company is our highest priority. We always listen, we always want your feedback. 

how does echatter work? 

Our Open Source Intelligence Specialists (OSINT) are highly trained and knowledgable within the field. They sift through pages of data, identifying false positives on your behalf. Verifying two sources or more for accuracy. We are passionate about each case we work on, being thorough and detailed is our specialty. Let our specialists work with you to obtain your exact requirements for each investigation you might have. 

"You guys are great. Fast and reliable. You are my eyes to the social media world that I cannot keep up with."  
-Detective from Ohio  

I began Ann Michaels & Associates over 20 years ago, which is a mystery shopping and social media management company. I also am founder of the Social Media Research Association. While working and mining through social media since 2007, I began to notice a need within this particular market. A need for monitoring and diving deeper into social media platforms. From these findings, eChatter was created! 

We are NOT a software company. We offer you a wide range of services all designed to help your company succeed online. Social Media, Deep and Dark Web Searches on individuals, monitoring specific areas within your city or state designated to identify for online threats, online employee checks that are FCRA compliant, corporate due diligence and mitigating risk. Need assistance with your social media presence? We can do that too! 

We work with parents, schools, attorneys, lawyers, law enforcement, human resource departments, private investigators, detectives, college students, businesses and corporations. 

Take a look around our website and feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have. We would love to hear from you! 

"eChatter, thank you for working so diligently to screen individuals for our upcoming trial. Your execution was flawless." 

-Attorney from Georgia            

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Since no two software platforms are the same, we use multiple. We are constantly looking at what is new within the market to make sure we have the highest quality platforms to date. Each online platform is unique and pulls more details than others. Why pay the high cost of software when we can absorb that for you? Not only do we use multiple platforms but we also manually search when needed. 

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"My business is growing and I am just too busy to do these investigations on my own anymore. I'll definitely be using you guys again. This is so convenient!"

 - M. Parker