Add location-based intelligence to your social media data set to stop potential threats – before they start.

​Only relying on keyword and hashtag monitoring means you are missing two thirds of social media activity.

TO PROTECT AND SERVE  (And also see what is being tweeted in a specific location)
With public safety at stake, discovering, engaging and analyzing social media conversations in real-time is a must. It's not enough to just listen for keywords and hashtags – you can start with the locations that matter most to increase situational awareness, reduce response time, and assist first responders.

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Our service to Law Enforcement is very simple

We provide Daily, Weekly, or Monthly reporting on any suspect or targeted geographic location within your community or anywhere in the world.

If during an active investigation, live "Real Time" discovery is required, we will support this also

  • Implementing sophisticated Geo Locating Software captures any public social media being generated within the geographic area selected

  • Using multiple platforms allows us to cross-reference any of the posts you identify and uncover further activities that may be of interest to the investigation


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