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​Watch this video from CBS News on the benefits of Social Media Monitoring. 

The social media world has been of great benefit to retailers across the world – at what other time could businesses engage with customers in such a unique manner? Customer perception and feedback is now at their fingertips.

Insurance companies have discovered the value of social media monitoring as well. Tracking insurers' online for fraudulent activity can and will stand up in court if needed. Prior to social media, this could have been difficult to prove otherwise. 

Consider how your insurance company currently handles cases, even long tail or closed claims. Do you have someone wading through Google Searches or other online search engines? How about hiring a Private Investigator to track down your questionable disability claims? 

While the above methods have possibly worked for you in the past, Investigators can be costly and the time and energy put into online searches can be unreliable and the minimum. If you're lucky enough to find relevant data, piecing it together and making sense of it all can be tedious and strenuous. 


  • We save you crucial time and effort on cases. 

  • Our professionals identify clear and concise cases of insurance fraud. 

  • We identify who your customer is and pin-point positive risks. 

  • Real-time social media monitoring for long tail or closed claims. 

FEATURES                                      BENEFITS 

  • Discover critical online information

  • Multiple level quality assurance procedures ensures accuracy. 

  • Platforms that pick up data not available to typical sources. 

  • Customized search assessments.

  • Eliminate tedious and time-consuming web search. 

  • We provide reliable data in a timely manner.