eChatter works with you to obtain your objectives in a fast, accurate and reliable facet. By keeping our strengthened principals, yet evolving with this industry, we lead in social media monitoring. Since 2007 we have been dedicated to providing our customers with the most authentic data.



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There is no denying that social integration has become that status quo. Having a solid social media strategy for Corporate  is vital.


Just as retailers have been utilizing social media for customer engagement purposes- Corporate America is also reaping similar benefits of social media.Now you can keep track of employees who criticize customers, reveal trade secrets, or create a hostile environment for co-workers. Racist, sexist or otherwise offense posts, by employees, that can result in termination are now at your fingertips. 

Reputations online matter. How are you currently keeping track of your company's reputation and employees? Do you have someone sorting through Google Searches or other online search engines? Do you rely on Google Alerts to assist you in this process? 

Although the above measure serves its purpose, this can be time consuming and leave you with minimum information. If you're lucky enough to find valuable information, piecing it together and making sense of it all in one place can be time consuming and frustrating. If you are searching for something that can affect your company's reputation, morale or liability wouldn't you rather use a system that is fast, reliable and brings you the most accurate data? 

  • All of our Employment Background Checks are compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act

  • By using a third party vendor, there is no real or perceived conflict of interest, which validates data collected. Eye on protected classes to ensure you don't see what you shouldn't see

  • Comprehensive deep web search on the subject or organization's online activity. 

  • Custom search specifically created for researching businesses. 

  • Multi-tier process ensures critical data reported. 

  • Provides access to previously unreachable information.