What types of online information do you collect?

Our social media monitoring service can collect data surrounding a person, brand, or company. Our software platforms scan the Internet and collect data from all sources, including public facing social media sites, blogs, message boards and forums, responses to news articles, and more.

When people think social media, the first inclination is Facebook and Twitter. However, social conversations happen all across the web. Just take a look at the chart below:


Can you get information from social media sites where a person has their privacy settings at a strict level?
No, our social media monitoring software cannot access any online data that is set to private. This includes, but is not limited to, Facebook accounts where the user sets their post to private, private Twitter accounts and direct messages, email communication, excetra.

What information is needed in order to conduct a personal search?

Depending on the situation, you will provide us any information you have on the particular person or persons you wish to search. as we realize sometimes the amount of information to verify identity will vary, we have internal checks and balances in place based on the information to provided in order to determine that we are collecting data for the correct person.

Will the results contain only information that you deem to be relevant to our search for that particular person or persons?
While we understand at a high level the goal of each social media data collection project, our ultimate goal is to collect the data requested and provide that is a client in its entirety. We are simply a data collection methodology, and strive to provide our clients with the full realm of data collected for review.r paragraph here.

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